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Gutters are more than a long pipe extending along your property’s exterior. They contain additional structures to ensure proper water flow. For instance, gutter guards are one of the essential features of the gutter system that catches the debris that may enter the gutter pipe.

Experts install it above the gutters to trap any dirt, leaves, or twigs coming down the roof. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your gutters will be prone to dust and debris accumulation without proper gutter guards. While debris finds its way into your gutters over time, guards protect the gutters for the most part and prevent foreign objects from entering the gutter.

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Different Types of Gutter Guards

If you struggle to keep your gutters clean or live in an area with extreme weather conditions, gutter guards are the way to go! Investing in a quality gutter guard keeps leaves, birds, and pests from entering your gutters. Previously, only mesh gutter guards were the most popular among homeowners and experts. However, as the demand for gutter guards rose, industries produced varying materials for a seamless gutter system. Listed below are different Gutters Huntsville AL guards and how they serve the purpose of keeping your gutters clean.

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

The gutter guards are designed to direct water down your property. They also cause debris and twigs to drop on the ground instead of accumulating in your gutters. Most reserve curve guard companies offer a warranty, which is a plus. A little rainfall or windy weather would not wear them. Besides, a proper installation ensures optimal functioning. The only downside is that they are noticeable from afar, which reduces your property’s curb appeal.


Micro-mesh guards are one of the most popular gutter guard types. They feature tiny holes to trap leaves and debris. This gutter guard is generally made of stainless steel that keeps dirt out and allows water to flow properly. Customers report that it’s one of the better gutter types out there for two good reasons. First, they are installed professionally. Second, they are backed by a warranty. However, make sure you opt for a quality micro-mesh material. Because of its soaring popularity, you’ll find numerous options on the list, and not all are of superior quality. Professionals can always guide you about the pros and cons of each micro-mesh material and help you choose the one that lasts longer.


These are screens featuring large holes that fit onto your gutters. They are pretty easy to install. Besides, if you’re tight on the budget, screens are an option to consider because they are affordable. However, they have a few drawbacks. For instance, their large openings allow for debris accumulation. Besides, high winds can blow them off. Make sure you maintain them regularly to keep them clean and debris-free.


Foam gutter guards are precisely what they sound like – gutter guards made of foam. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and are fairly good at keeping debris away from the building. But as with any gutter guard, foam guards have a few shortcomings. The foam absorbs moisture and promotes trees’ and seedlings’ growth. While they do prevent gutters from clogging, they clog easily due to dirt buildup. Additionally, a few foam guards follow up with fire hazards.

Brush Gutter Guards

Brush gutter guards feature bristles that fit inside your gutters. They are placed in a vertical position which keeps leaves and debris on the top and stops them from accumulating in your gutters. Besides, they also direct rainwater through your gutters. While they do a reasonably good job at keeping debris off your gutters, they may trap smaller debris, including pine needles and maple spinners. If your home has trees nearby, we do not recommend brush gutters.

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What Is the Life Expectancy of Gutter Guards?

How long a gutter guard lasts depends on its type; a few might last longer than others. Besides, how often you maintain them also determines their life expectancy. The better you follow the maintenance rules, the higher the chance they’ll last longer.

However, you can expect cheap gutter guards to last 2-3 years. On the other hand, premium quality gutter guards can last for decades nonetheless.

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